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The signs are all around us...

From A/B testing to machine learning, our new tech is letting us succeed with strategies that refute our most basic assumptions about how the world works and how the future happens. Already we're seeing the effects on how we manage our businesses and lives. Already we're re-thinking foundational ideas about what makes something normal, moral, meaningful. Freed of the need to reduce our ideas to what our tech can handle, we're adopting new strategies for thriving in a complex, inexplicable world.

Early Praise
Reid Hoffman LinkedIn founder
If you want to better understand the possibilities that machine learning and other forms of AI are creating – and harness the power of these breakthroughs — read this lively and illuminating book!
Joi Ito Dir., MIT Media Lab
With classic Weinberger wit and brilliant insight, this book shatters the myth of predictability while delivering grounded, actionable advice for anyone trying to thrive in the everyday chaos that has become our world. A page-turning, must-read for everyone.
Aneesh Chopra First U.S. Chief Technology Officer (Obama admin.)
Weinberger's thought-provoking call to action is a must-read for business leaders pushing the envelope on innovation, for policy-makers seeking to protect the public from undue harm, and for the rest of us who are keen to live better lives, but mindful of any unintended consequences.
Robin Chase Founder and former CEO, Zipcar
David's writing is just so pleasing, and his ideas so interesting and useful, that I found myself reveling in his words, nudging my partner and saying "Let me read you this bit..."
Available May, 2019 from Harvard Business Review Press
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Table of contents
Introduction: Everything All at Once
Chapter 1: The Evolution of Prediction
Coda: The Kingdom of the Normal
Chapter 2: Inexplicable Models
Coda: Optimization over Explanation
Chapter 3: Beyond Preparation: Unanticipation
Coda: Libraries of Anticipation
Chapter 4: Beyond Causality: Interoperability
Coda: Signs and Causes
Chapter 5: Strategy and Possibility
Coda: Strategic Obscurity
Chapter 6: Progress and Creativity
Coda: What We Learn from Things
Chapter 7: Make. More. Meaning.
From the best-selling author of ...

From the earliest days of the Web, David Weinberger has been a pioneering thought leader about the Internet’s effect on our lives, on our businesses, and most of all, on our ideas. He has contributed in a range of fields, from marketing to libraries to politics to journalism and more.

He has contributed in a remarkably wide range of ways as well: through books that explore the meaning of our new technology; as a writer for publications from Wired and Scientific American to Harvard Business Review and even TV Guide; as an acclaimed keynote speaker around the world; a strategic marketing vice president and consultant; a teacher; an Internet adviser to presidential campaigns; an early social-networking entrepreneur; a strategic marketing consultant and VP; the codirector of the groundbreaking Harvard Library Innovation Lab; a writer-in-residence at a Google AI lab; a senior researcher at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society; a fellow at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy; a Franklin Fellow at the US State Department; and always a passionate advocate for an open internet.

Dr. Weinberger received a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Toronto, and an honorary Doctor of Letters from Simmons College.

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